New campaigning alliance and map launched

There has been huge concern about the lack of democracy within the planning system and the even worse inequity being pushed through as part of the Government’s planning reforms.   The community voice is being intentionally silenced, giving developers free rein to ride roughshod over resident priorities.

Now a new Community Planning Alliance has been launched by local people to fight back – as well as a new interactive map of hundreds of local campaigns against damaging proposals. 

Within just a month over 400 campaigns had been added to the grassroots map – and the number keeps growing. Campaigns are being waged against plans for housing, new roads, green belt development, airport expansion, incinerators, employment space and more.

The new Alliance will not only support members as they wrestle their way through the planning quagmire of developer and council-focused processes, but also aims to become a key stakeholder in that planning ecosystem, influencing the Government’s planning reforms.  It aims to provide a platform so citizen voices can be heard and produce evidence-based research.

Next steps for the group include deciding on a formal constitution, engaging extensively on a nationwide basis with both members and partners, and arranging informative events.

>> Sign up to find out more about the Alliance here. 

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