Planning Judicial Review: hearing granted

Rights : Community : Action has been granted a court hearing after a judge said our case against sweeping changes to planning laws introduced by the Government last year is “potentially important”.

RCA, represented by law firm, Leigh Day, has applied for permission to appeal a Divisional Court decision refusing our application for judicial review of the changes.

Now Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Stuart-Smith has made an order granting a hearing at which we can make our case for the application for appeal.

The changes under review have made significant and worrying changes to the planning regime.

We are pursuing the appeal on the ground that the Divisional Court erred in concluding that three statutory instruments used to bring the changes into force were not required to be subject to Strategic Environmental Assessment.

The Government’s changes to permitted development rights in England have attracted criticism across the board, and further changes will only increase the impacts on people, places and the environment. Silencing people’s ability to protect the environment without considering the consequences or allowing for consultation undermines public trust.

More information

Press release from Leigh Day.

More information, including our original grounds for seeking Judicial Review.



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