Shorelines launches in Hull

Last Friday Hull woke up to the first arrival in our city-wide art and activism project, Shorelines

A giant mural, ‘The Girl’, was painted on the side of Hull College’s Wilberforce Building in just one week, thanks to local artists Calvin Innes and Andy Pea.

'The Girl' - the first mural in Hull as part of Shorelines
The Girl – the first of our murals, on the side of Hull College

As the College notes,

The piece has been designed to illustrate the struggle of life underwater, featuring Hull’s iconic Minster as the backdrop. The girl, who is young but deliberately ageless, sits cross-legged over a collection of crudely sketched illustrations of people trapped in flood water, in boats, wading through flooded areas.”

The Shorelines Project is a partnership between Rights : Community : Action and the Hull-based Drunk Animal Creative Studio.  It aims to vividly bring to life the reality of flooding and climate change for the people of Hull – like New Orleans, much of which is below sea level.

Predicted sea level rises over the next century could permanently change the city, and not enough is being done either to prepare for the future or to inform Hull’s residents of what lies ahead. 

As well as murals across the city – and with other planned installations still to be announced – Rights : Community : Action is running webinars and training for Hull residents to help outline the science and support them to demand their rights to meaningful action. 

>> Find out more at The Shorelines Project. 

Here’s more from RCA Director, Hugh, about what flooding means for Hull. 



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