Law for the Climate Emergency

Big problems need big solutions. The climate emergency threatens us all, but the Government’s response is very far short of what justice and scientific urgency demand.

We are working to develop proposals for a ‘Climate Emergency Act’ which would force Ministers by law to cut emissions far more rapidly.

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New campaigning alliance and map launched

There has been huge concern about the lack of democracy within the planning system and the even worse inequity being pushed through as part of the Government’s planning reforms.   The community voice is being intentionally silenced, giving developers free rein to ride roughshod over resident priorities. Now a new Community Planning Alliance has been launched … Continued

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Webinar: Rising Sea Levels: Promoting Climate Justice through International Law

Rights : Community : Action director Alex Goodman was one of the participants in a webinar looking at the prospects for legal action by and on behalf of communities devastated by rising sea levels.  The webinar was organised by the British Institute of International and Competitive Law (BIICL). Since the mid-2000s, several domestic legal systems … Continued

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Every decision matters: have your say

The climate crisis is already with us. More people than ever in the UK are worried about what is happening now and in the future because of climate change. We know that every decision matters now as action on climate change becomes more urgent. Roads and houses are being built now that will be affecting … Continued

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Shorelines launches in Hull

Last Friday Hull woke up to the first arrival in our city-wide art and activism project, Shorelines.  A giant mural, ‘The Girl’, was painted on the side of Hull College’s Wilberforce Building in just one week, thanks to local artists Calvin Innes and Andy Pea. As the College notes, “The piece has been designed to … Continued

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Is Hull ready for the climate crisis?

A new community arts project from Rights : Community : Action will tell the story of risks of climate change and rising sea levels for the city of Hull. Hull faces a bleak future if rising sea level predictions are anything to go by. The Environment Agency estimates that sea levels could rise by 1.55 metres … Continued

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Climate and the law: The time is now

It’s 2020 and we have ten years to get to a zero carbon electricity system. We’ve got to start building the infrastructure now that is fit for 2050. We can’t afford to retrofit everything or build projects that only have a shelf life of ten years or so. But it’s hard to see how that … Continued

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Climate Emergency Bill: Resources

Climate change is the gravest crisis we face. You can find out more about our proposal for a Climate Emergency Law below.

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Webinar: Ideas and Perspectives for a Climate Emergency Bill

The webinar discussed the legal developments in the field of climate change from a comparative perspective, focusing on the legislative solutions which are being developed in other legal systems, and exploring the opportunities that have arisen and the challenges and constraints faced. Chair: Richard Drabble QC, Landmark Chambers Speakers Baroness Worthington, House of Lords Alex … Continued

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