The Shorelines Project, Hull

The Shorelines Project is a major new art and activism project for  Hull. Our vibrant murals and cutting-edge hybrids of art and technology will bring the risks of a flooded future to life. 

'The Girl' - the first mural in Hull as part of Shorelines
The Girl – the first of our murals, on the side of Hull College

Involving local artists, community groups and the council, the installations invite the people of Hull to become fully aware of the reality of climate change. By simply visualising an ‘unseen’ problem, people will gain a better grasp of what the future might hold. 

Shorelines is not just art for art’s sake. Its purpose is to raise awareness and to send a clear message to local leaders and national government that those most at risk from the climate crisis demand action. 

We all need to act now to make sure our homes and businesses are kept safe and dry. Shorelines will work with people right across Hull to find out what they think should be done about it – and help them get those in power to respond.

Hull is just one of the coastal areas facing devastating flooding. We aim to work with other communities facing the threat of climate change.  If you think we might be able to help your community campaign, please get in touch.

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Here’s RCA’s Hugh Ellis explaining what flooding means for the people of Hull:


And here’s RCA’s Naomi Luhde-Thompson giving a short intro to the Shorelines Project:

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