Saving the Planning Act

Our right to have a say over what is built near us is under threat.  The Government is gunning for our precious planning system which, since 1947, has enshrined local democratic decision making and our right to object.

The planning system does need reform, but not by tearing up its core principles – that people’s health, the local environment, and access to the services they need – is more important than whatever makes the most money for developers.

Rights : Community : Action is working to defend the planning system and to ensure we all keep our right to be heard.

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Democratic Engagement in Planning: What Next…?

Rights : Community : Action’s directors, Hugh Ellis and Naomi Luhde-Thompson, will be taking part in this free webinar from Leeds Beckett University Planning School for the Community Planning Alliance. Democratic Engagement in Planning: what next for public participation in plan-making and development decisions? 30 September 2021, 14:00 UK time The Planning White Paper and … Continued

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Planning Judicial Review: hearing granted

Rights : Community : Action has been granted a court hearing after a judge said our case against sweeping changes to planning laws introduced by the Government last year is “potentially important”. RCA, represented by law firm, Leigh Day, has applied for permission to appeal a Divisional Court decision refusing our application for judicial review … Continued

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New campaigning alliance and map launched

There has been huge concern about the lack of democracy within the planning system and the even worse inequity being pushed through as part of the Government’s planning reforms.   The community voice is being intentionally silenced, giving developers free rein to ride roughshod over resident priorities. Now a new Community Planning Alliance has been launched … Continued

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Permitted Development Rights

The Government’s changes to Permitted Development Rights (PDRs) are the vanguard of its dangerous attack on the democratic planning system in England. Briefing  Download briefing: Permitted Development Rights Video explainer In this explainer, Hugh Ellis (Policy Director, Town & Country Planning Association) and Naomi Luhde-Thompson (Director, Rights : Community : Action) explain what’s in store … Continued

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Webinar: Find out more about Permitted Development Rights

Ask a planning expert your questions on the government’s reforms to the planning system – particularly on Permitted Development Rights. The UK government has hugely increased the scope of what is called ‘permitted development’ rights (PDR) – that is development where there is no need to submit a planning application. Since the summer, property developers … Continued

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Every decision matters: have your say

The climate crisis is already with us. More people than ever in the UK are worried about what is happening now and in the future because of climate change. We know that every decision matters now as action on climate change becomes more urgent. Roads and houses are being built now that will be affecting … Continued

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Planning: we have a voice, but soon we won’t

The next phase of the Government’s war on the planning process is here. We have a voice in development decisions right now in England. Soon we won’t have one that makes any difference. As you’ll know if you’ve followed our work over the summer, the Government has recently massively increased “permitted development” – that is … Continued

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Judicial Review lost – but we intend to appeal

We’ve just received news from the High Court that our claim for Judicial Review of the Government’s changes to permitted development rights was not successful. We respect the decision, but we believe it is on the wrong side of the public interest. We intend to appeal. Using the pandemic crisis to push through a giveaway … Continued

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Planning: more information on our Judicial Review

**This page was updated on 17 November 2020 to reflect latest developments** This page contains rolling updates of the latest developments and documentation concerning our claim for Judicial Review of the government’s reforms to permitted development. Background The government declared its new rules on permitted development to be one of the most radical shake-ups of … Continued

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Update on Judicial Review of planning reforms

Our claim for Judicial Review of the government’s changes to permitted development rights was heard on 14 October. We are still awaiting the final judgement and will update our site and our Twitter feed as soon as we have more information.

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