Who we are

Rights : Community :  Action is a coalition of campaigners, lawyers, planners, facilitators, writers and scientists, united by a shared commitment to tackle the Climate Emergency – with people and for people, and the environment. 

Current political action to tackle the Climate Emergency lacks clarity and vision. Progress is appallingly slow. We already know the solutions, but they urgently need to be implemented. 

Our aim is to show the way; to make the necessary changes both inarguable and ultimately achievable. We work to empower communities at the front line of the climate crisis, and with local and national government to deliver the radical changes that we need.

Our vision is that the UK is doing what is needed to secure a safe and just climate, nationally and internationally – due to a movement owned and led by empowered communities on the frontlines of its impacts.


Naomi Luhde-Thompson headshot

Naomi Luhde-Thompson

An experienced environmental campaigner and expert community trainer, co-ordinator and project lead.

Naomi is also Senior Lecturer on Sustainable Futures at Oxford Brookes University. She was formerly Senior Planner at Friends of the Earth (England, Wales & Northern Ireland).

Hugh Ellis

An experienced planning campaigner and expert planner, with extensive experience of local government training.

Hugh is also Director of Policy at the Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA).

Helen Rimmer

A community environmental campaigner with experience supporting grassroots organising for environmental justice and climate action.


Alex Goodman

A barrister, with extensive experience of advocating on behalf of communities and taking environmental cases.

Laura Gyte

A lawyer, with extensive experience of working with communities and on climate legislation.

David Powell

An experienced campaigner, researcher and communications expert on climate change.